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Waiting For The New Pistol Whip Scene To Drop? We’ve Got Some Good News

Have you heard the Good News? The neon rampage that is the Overdrive Season continues with the third new Scene soundtracked by Apashe’s “Good News!”

Featuring walls of turrets, exploding barrels, and some of Pistol Whip’s most mind-bending visuals yet, this one’s about to make MC Escher proud. Check it out in Pistol Whip now!

(There are two more Scenes left in the Season, and the next one is already crashing through the gates. Keep a sharp eye out, and you might get to play it early!)

A graphic detailing all the new languages being added to the VR game Pistol Whip, featuring art of a femme gunslinger character from the game and text that reads: "Now Available in 7 additional languages! Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian-Portuguese, French, German, Italian.""

Pistol Whip Goes Global

In case you missed it last month, we rolled out a big update for our international action heroes: Pistol Whip is now available in seven new languages!

  • Français ✅

  • Deutsch ✅

  • Italiano ✅

  • Español ✅

  • Portugues do Brasil ✅

  • 日本語 ✅

  • 한국어 ✅

How many Remixes have you played?

If the answer is “none:” don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

The Pistol Mix modding tool was officially launched on June 14, which means anyone playing on a supported platform (that’s Quest 2 and PC VR) can play custom Remixed Scenes directly in-game now! No website downloads, no manual installation, just the unbridled creative chaos of your fellow Pistol Whip fans. (It’s wild in there; have fun.)

Head over to the Discord if you’re looking for recs, or just want to share all the Good News!

An animated GIF of gameplay from the VR game Pistol Whip, where the player wields two guns against an onslaught of enemies in a monochrome futuristic world


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