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Cloudhead Games is the veteran VR studio behind the multi-award winning titles Pistol Whip, the action-rhythm shooter that took Quest by storm, and the rich narrative fantasy adventure series, The Gallery. We’re independent collaborators, which means we can commit fully to creating the VR games we want to make, and to building the stable, inclusive studio of our dreams.


VR's Creative Heart


We Go Way Back

Since our inception in 2013, our goal has been to show the world just how incredible virtual reality gaming can be. Our games are our calling card, but we’ve also taken a personal stake in finding solutions to some of VR’s biggest challenges. In fact, some of our earliest experiments, like snap-turning and BLINK locomotion, have resulted in industry-wide standards to ensure players of all comfort levels can join in on the fun.


We’re pretty proud of what we’ve accomplished so far, but we’re most excited about what comes next. Modern VR is an incredible journey, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve got in store.


What Calls To Us

Using new technology to share human experiences. Connecting with some of the most brilliant creatives out there. Absurdly fun games. These are the reasons we get up in the morning, and they’ve given us some great stories to tell along the way.


Hitting the 10 year milestone is a huge deal for any game studio, let alone an independent house in an ever-shifting industry like VR. There’s lots worth celebrating over the last decade, but this year, we’re looking ahead. Way ahead.

Celebrating our 10th Anniversary


Join Our Team

We’re always looking to meet talented people to help us craft the next hit game. Whether you’re a virtual reality expert, a seasoned dev, or new to the in-dustry entirely, we’d like to connect with you.

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