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Play Pistol Whip for Free during our Birthday Weekend on Steam!

Sometimes, we need a sign to rise up and become the unstoppable Action Hero we were always meant to be. Friends, this is that sign.

Right now, Pistol Whip is free to play on Steam, with a deep discount of 40% to purchase from November 3 to 6!

We’ve been talking about a Free Weekend for a while, and we thought: what better time to throw a little party for our fever dream action rhythm game than during its 4th Anniversary.

And honestly? There’s never been a better time to dive into this psychedelic rumble-on-rails. It’s been quite the year for Pistol Whip, and not only will new players get to experience the iconic tracks and cinematic campaigns from its early years, you’ll also get to play the neon-drenched Overdrive Season, as well as the brand-new electroswing Collection, Elixir of Madness!

That’s over 40 Scenes, dozens of weapons, and 20+ modifications to customize your gameplay!

Oh, and did we mention Pistol Whip has official support for modded Scenes, now? Thanks to the release of Pistol Mix earlier this year, you can play over a hundred (and counting!) custom Scenes created by your fellow Pistol Whippers. So, that actually means the number of Scenes you can play is…theoretically endless?

Play Pistol Whip for free on Steam from November 3 to 6, and purchase the full game for a sizzling 40% throughout. Get in there, Action Hero-To-Be, and become legend.


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