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Are you not entertained?! The final bombastic Scene in Pistol Whip’s Overdrive Season is here!

Robo-gladiators, your time is now! The Overdrive Season has been raging all summer, and now we come at last to the fifth and final Scene drop: Work.

Backed by Apashe’s iconic orchestral beats and the unstoppable rhymes of Vo Williams, you must crash your way through technicolour waves of your fellow android contenders, until you come face to face with Emperor Cyberius himself.

The Emperor is most generous: give the performance of your lifetime, and he may just let you live…or will you take matters into your own hands? Let the games begin!

The Overdrive Season Concludes (Did you catch the secret drops?)

Now that Work has been released, we’ve finally unleashed the entirety of the Overdrive Season on the world! And that means we can share the little secret: did you know that you could get a sneak peek at each new Scene in Contracts?

We wanted to experiment with some fun, hidden ways to share new content with you all, and were chuffed to see so many of you astute agents uncover the secret Contract versions of Shred, Nobody Wants You, Good News, Majesty, and Work. Well done Heroes, and definitely let us know if you liked this seasonal style of content drops with a tweet, or a message in our Discord!

Something Wicked This Way Comes…

Heroes, have you heard? Word is on the street that even more new Scenes are on the way. That’s right, Pistol Whip’s next content collection, Elixir of Madness!, is already shambling towards the light.

But when will each of these three chilling new Scenes drop? Stay tuned in the next few weeks for the official date reveal…

Play the bombastic conclusion to the Overdrive Season and play Work in Pistol Whip’s Arcade Mode! (And keep your eyes peeled for incoming news around Elixir of Madness!)


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