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Explore Official Modding Tool Pistol Mix With Open Beta

Are you ready to become a mod god?

Today marks the start of the Open Beta for Pistol Mix, the much-anticipated modding tool for our Physical Action-Rhythm game Pistol Whip. Players on PCVR can r-r-r-remix existing Scenes for an all-new challenge, or build personalized custom Scenes from scratch (including obstacles, type of enemy, environment design and more).

The ability to mod[ify] VR games is a pillar of what keeps users connected and engaged: it’s a way to collaborate and share their creations with fellow players.

Pistol Mix’s Open Beta offers early adopters and master modders the chance to use the tool and help shape its growth. Create new content and add to what will become an amazing library of remixed Scenes, available for download from the page when the full version releases.

Fun Facts!

Modders will have access to a wide variety of pre-installed prop assets (Scene decor) that will allow them to quickly and easily bring their imagination to life, and they can upload their own models too.

We love player feedback. To ensure our Open Beta users (and eventually all our heroes) will have the best possible experience using the tool, our team partnered with some experienced VIP modders for early access. It was great to set them loose with the tool, see their amazing content and garner value feedback.

VIP modder Kapsyloffer says “My favourite part is how easy it is to add [Scene models], I’m sure any person would be able to pick up Pistol Mix and start mapping something playable without prior knowledge.”

At this time, building and remixing Scenes with Pistol Mix is available for PCVR only. Fortunately for the rest of our heroes, after the full launch on May 31st, the library of community content will be available on As the official hub for Remixes, players can browse and select these on the page, or directly in-headset.

Join our Open Beta and r-r-r-reimagine iconic Pistol Whip Scenes, or show off those mod-god skills by creating a unique dream Scene from the ground up. Pistol Mix will be fully released for free on May 31, 2023.


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