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It’s ALIIIIIVE! Elixir of Madness! comes to Pistol Whip in time for spooky season

Do you fear the Elixir? Or are you made of sterner stuff? Go on, cool cat, take a sip!

Spooky season has officially begun here at Cloudhead Games, and we are celebrating with the launch of Pistol Whip's thirteenth (!) content update, Elixir of Madness!

This Collection of phantasmagorical delights brings three all-new Scenes that’ll rattle those bones of yours, plus a whole new genre of music where old meets new. The first Scene, Halloween Party, arrived last week, while the second, Kicking Up Dirt, has just shambled its way onto all supported platforms!

Read on for five reasons to check out the spooky spectacular that is the Elixir of Madness! Collection…if you dare.

#5: ‘Tis The Season!

The days get colder, the nights stretch on and on…if you’re in the mood for some seasonal scares, Elixir is here for you. This Collection has an unearthly setting to rival your best neon nightmares, waves of ghastly assailants, and horrors that some might even describe as…unknowable.

(For the faint-of-heart among you, don’t worry! Pistol Whip remains free of jumpscares and serious frights, so you can focus on that high score.)

#4: Dancing Skeleton Armies

Need we say more? Elixir of Madness! is inspired by vintage horror cinema, and the underground glee of 1920s swing clubs. What happens when those things collide? As it turns out, a horde of skeletons doing the Charleston. Who’d a’ thought?

Don’t let these creepy crawly enemies pull the wool over your eyes: you’d best keep one eye on the skies, buster…

#3: Dual-Wielding Tommy Guns

Did Pistol Whip need more weapons? Maybe not. Did we add a bunch of new ones anyways? You bet we did. We’ve got the heavy-hitting Sawed-Off Shotgun, the ghoulish Skull Bludgeon, and the burst-fire Tommy Gun. And because you can dual-wield quite literally anything in Pistol Whip, it's time to unleash your inner zoot-suit-wearin’ bandit, and go in guns (or skulls?) blazin’!

#2: Hidden Interactables!

Some of you sharpshooters might notice some curious blood-red objects littered around the new Scenes in Elixir of Madness! They’re not just for practice: if you’re quick enough on the draw (or swift with a melee!) you might rain some particularly delightful destruction down on these skeletal baddies, and score major points for the leaderboard.

#1: A Whole New Genre: Electroswing!

Ever since our foray into the wild, wild west with the Smoke & Thunder cinematic campaign, it’s been clear that tracks don’t have to be EDM to go hard. We’re proud to team up with electroswing artists Odd Chap, Duke Skellington, and the Electric Swing Circus to bring you three wicked new songs to juke, jive, and stay alive to.

(Don’t be fooled by the retro vibes and brass sections, these Scenes will still have you sweating at the highest difficulty!)

If you’re excited to see even more unique music genres come to Pistol Whip, let us know! In fact, we might have something powerful in the works already…

Elixir of Madness! and all its chilling electroswing goodness is already available to play on all supported platforms, with the finale Scene, My Mind, waiting to drop next week. Have fun storming the Mind Palace!

Have a spectacular spooky season, everyone, and let us know which new Elixir of Madness! Scene shows up in your nightmares later. <3


Cloudhead Games


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