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Do You Fear The Elixir? Pistol Whip’s spookiest update shambles forth on October 5th!

October 5th, 1923, just after midnight…

Terribly dark for a full moon night, wouldn’t you say?

Yes, terribly, terribly…and what’s this now? Egads, the motor in your reliable old roadster is coughing up a fit! Must be the storm that bumped in ever so suddenly, quite odd for this time of year…

Wheels creak to an eerie halt on this unlit road. This is what you get for taking the old shortcut through the woods. There’s a horrid chill in the air here, an odd twist to the light—thank the stars there’s a house nearby! The windows might be dark, the grounds overgrown, the gate looming skeletal in the night, but what choice is there?

Mind the pistol on your hip, old chap, and you’ll be fine. Just fine...

Elixir of Madness! is coming to Pistol Whip on October 5th!

It might not be the 1920s, and we’re not exactly time travelers, but that doesn’t mean we can’t jive up a storm anyways! Pistol Whip’s thirteenth (!) free content update will begin on October 5th with the first of three new electroswing Scenes, “Halloween Party” by Odd Chap.

The second Scene, “Kicking Up Dirt” arrives the week after, with the final Scene of the trio, “My Mind,” dropping the week after that.

More spooky delights await you in this update, including three new weapons (skull bludgeon, anyone?) and modifiers to customise the living daylights of your gameplay, and we can’t wait to share it all!

Do you fear the Elixir? Or are you made of sterner stuff? Go on, cool cat…take a sip!

Elixir of Madness! Is coming to all supported platforms, including Quest 2, PlayStation VR2, Pico, and Steam VR.

And just in case you’re actually a time traveler from the 1920s…

Welcome to the future, it’s 2023! The bad news is that we still don’t have flying cars. The good news is that Pistol Whip’s Overdrive Season is officially complete, and you can check it out right now! All five neon-drenched Scenes are available to play on supported platforms. (Including “Good News” by Apashe!)

We know you probably have a lot to catch up on, being a time traveler and all, but the Overdrive Scenes are some of our most incredible yet, so we really recommend bumping them to the top of your list.

Another thing we really can’t recommend enough: Discord. Whether you’re a jazz-lovin’ time-traveler from the Roaring 20s, or just a VR aficionado looking for a chill place to chat about Pistol Whip and see the latest mods, we’d love to hang out with you over at


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