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Celebrating 10 Years of Cloudhead Games With New Pistol Whip Reveals!

A graphic featuring the Cloudhead Games logo, which is encircled with a special 10th Anniversary badge. The logo appears in white over a dark teal sky, and is surrounded by various awards badges, such as Winner of the DICE Awards, the Game Developers' Choice Awards, and the VR Awards.

Did you know we’re turning ten this year? Back when we first kicked off this wild adventure in 2013, the Oculus Dev Kit was the latest and greatest thing, and no one had any earthly idea what was about to come in the years that followed.

But at Cloudhead, we had big ideas for this growing new tech; our dreams were sky-high then, and even those lofty goals have been surpassed a few times over in the decade since. Pistol Whip has become one of VR’s biggest hits with over one million players, and we’ll never get over how many awards The Gallery gathered up with its first two episodes.

To all you players who have taken a trip through one of our virtual worlds and supported the studio over the years: Thank you. Every time our team sees a heart-warming story from a player, or a stellar review, or even just a little recommendation on social media, it means the world to us. Thank you for making so many of our days. <3

Best of all, we really do feel like we’re just getting started. We can’t wait to show you what comes next!

A graphic detailing past, present, and future content updates to the VR game, Pistol Whip. Four tiles appear across the graphic: the first displays the Pistol Mix logo and text reading "OUT NOW" with a screenshot of the tool in action; the second tile displays the Overdrive Season logo with the text "SEASON ONGOING" and a screenshot from the Pistol Whip Scene Shred; the third tile displays the Elixir of Madness! logo with text "NEW COLLECTION coming FALL 2023"; the fourth and final tile displays several question marks and the text "NEW COLLECTION coming 2024."

Announcing Two New Pistol Whip Content Collections

We just dropped a brand new Pistol Whip roadmap, which includes two entire content collections planned through the end of 2023 and into 2024! This game has been such a huge part of the Cloudhead story, and we’re so happy that we can continue to put out new content updates on its supported platforms well into its fourth year.

Introducing Elixir of Madness!

Arriving Fall 2023, this collection will bring three new phantasmagorical electro-swing Scenes to Pistol Whip, each spookier than the last. Go on, cool cat: take a sip.

And the new content won’t stop there: after Elixir of Madness!, we’ll charge headlong into another new collection of Scenes. Stay tuned for updates later this year!

After 10 Years of Cloudhead Games, What’s Next?

Well, we know the answer, and it's an exciting one. We can’t share everything just yet, but be sure to stay tuned in the coming months for more!


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