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Big News For Pistol Whip This June

June is a month full of exciting news for our flagship game Pistol Whip!

First of all, the Overdrive Season— our collection of five fresh Scenes —launched May 1st with airborne adventure Shred and continues June 1st with retro-rific ride Nobody Wants You.

Some advice for the impatient: sneak a peek at what Scene is coming next at the end of the June monthly contract.

Next up: the Open Beta for our official modding tool Pistol Mix has been extended two weeks, moving the full version’s release date to June 14th.

With an exponentially-growing number of modders testing the limits of their creative power since April 13th, our team has received such a high volume of valuable feedback that we decided to take extra time in order to implement suggestions and release the highest quality tool possible.

Last but certainly not least, 7 additional languages are coming to Pistol Whip!

Localization (AKA the translation of in-game text) is something we’ve been excited to announce for a while, and here it is! After the June 14th update, Pistol Whip will be available in the following languages:

  • French

  • German

  • Italian

  • Spanish

  • Brazilian-Portuguese

  • Japanese

  • Korean

That’s a lot for one month, and there’s even more news to come in the summer and fall! Follow our social media for up-to-the-minute information about Pistol Whip and the studio in general:

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