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Your Majesty, The New Pistol Whip Scene Awaits You…

One day while dreaming up new Pistol Whip Scenes for the Overdrive Season, we woke up and went, “what if Pistol Whip had a dragon?”

It was immediately decided that this was an excellent top-tier idea, and so we indeed put a dragon in Pistol Whip. And then we put another one. Action Heroes, we’re excited to present the latest Overdrive Scene, “Majesty!”

Moats? Check. Jousting matches? Check. Trebuchets? Check check check. Apashe is back with the soundtrack to your reign over this technicolour kingdom. Oh, and did we mention you can play with a crossbow now? Did we mention that you can dual-wield said crossbows? Have fun storming the castle!

Pistol Whip + PS VR2 = <3

It’s been almost half a year since the arrival of Sony’s next generation of VR with the incredible PlayStation VR2, and what a time it’s been! We were proud to launch Pistol Whip as a PS VR2 “day one” title (along with a sleek new haptics update, and a free upgrade option for PS VR1 owners!) but the reception since then has really taken the cake. Pistol Whip has been a mainstay of the topseller list with a Metascore of 90, which makes it one of the best-rated PS5 games of all time (!) Thank you for all the love, PS VR2 community!

“Pistol Whip on PSVR2 is nothing less than a masterpiece of sensory excess, exhilaration and expertly paced challenge.”

Head into Pistol Whip to play Majesty in Arcade Mode, and keep those eyes peeled for even bigger news from us soon!


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