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The Inspiration Behind Pistol Whip’s new VOIDSLAYER Collection (Out Today!)

Pistol Whip’s new VOIDSLAYER Collection is our guitar-shredding love letter to power metal and all things gloriously, unapologetically nerdy, and it’s kicking off on all supported platforms today.

Over the years, it’s been our personal goal to make sure each new Pistol Whip content drop breaks some exciting new ground, especially when it comes to the lifeblood of the game: the soundtrack selections. From Devora’s rugged cowboy rock, to electroswing bops straight out of a haunted speakeasy, we’ve had a blast bringing new genres to life in Pistol Whip’s breakneck Scenes.

But when it comes to VOIDSLAYER, this one’s especially near and dear to our hearts, and not just because so many of our teammates at Cloudhead are straight up metal heads.

Power metal has always been the nerdy younger brother of the more intense metal subgenres. The kickdrums are furious, the guitar solos are miles high, and the lyrics wail on about fiery dragon battles, ancient wizard prophecies, and hitting stuff with your sword. Really hard. For glory! 

In other words, it’s fun as all get out, and we let that be our guiding principle when it came to building the epic journey through steel and starfire that is the VOIDSLAYER Collection.

We drew inspiration from power metal itself, but also things that feel like power metal feels. Power metal adjacent, if you will. We’re talking tabletop RPGs with friends, vintage fantasy paintings and magazines, wizards pondering orbs, the works. 

The result is a fiery ride through three new Scenes, each one a chapter in your adventure as our newly awakened Hero. The first Scene, "Hero’s Dawn," will be available in Arcade Mode at 5pm PT today, but be sure to check back next week for the drop of the next Scene, "Fields of Crimson Fury," and the week after for the finale Scene, "Steel and Starfire!"

On top of all that, we’ve also just dropped two challenging new Modifiers for you to try out in your next run. Colour Match adds colours to enemies, which correspond to the colours of your left and right weapons, respectively. You’ll have to match your shots to the right colour of enemy for it to land. Or, try out Deflector, which allows you to take a swing and send your foes’ bullets ricocheting right back at them.  

We’re excited about this one, Heroes, so be sure to let us know what you think by jumping in the Discord, or leaving a review on your storepage of choice!


Cloudhead Games


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