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Pistol Whip launches on PlayStation VR this summer

We’ve seen the tweets. We’ve read the emails. At long last, we’re ready to confirm:

We’re bringing Pistol Whip to PlayStation VR this summer. 

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you probably already know the juice. You probably know how we’ve been doing monthly content updates with new scenes, fleshing the game out even further. You probably know all the hype and all the reviews and the game of the year awards and all that. I don’t need to tell you this.

But I’m going to anyway: You want to play Pistol Whip like a rhythm game, you got it. You want to play it like an arcade FPS, you got it. No matter how you play it, you’re going to feel like an action hero in a movie trailer, taking out swarms of baddies with ease like your last name is Wick. 

If you’ve been waiting for the game to land on PSVR so you can give it a try, here’s some stuff you might not know:

  • By default, you only need one controller–this way you can brace your weapon with your free hand like a real action movie badass. It improves your accuracy and your form, earning you higher scores and making you look even cooler when you play. 

  • And yes, there is dual wield. You can go full gun kata if you want.

  • You’re not stuck in a void like in traditional rhythm games; levels in Pistol Whip are full “scenes” inspired by action movies. You’ll shoot your way through a series of hand-crafted environments each synchronized to music with unique progression.

  • You earn extra points for shooting on beat, but Pistol Whip never forces you to play to a specific rhythm, nor does it force when or what you shoot. You play to your own rhythm, so you and your friend’s runs are each your own.

  • Pistol Whip uses liberal auto-aim out of the box to give you the ultimate power fantasy. But, if you’re more into precision shooting, you can use the “deadeye” modifier to disable auto-aim for a true test of your marksmanship. 

  • There’s a robust weapon customization feature that lets you change your pistol model, gun wrap, wrap colours, metal finish, and even sound effects. Be the badass you want to be.

  • Finally, we’ve managed to create a comfortable locomotion system that uses constant momentum to mitigate motion sickness. Pistol Whip gives you non-stop action without the fear of nausea, and we’re pretty proud of that.

That’s just some of what you’ll get from Pistol Whip when it launches on PlayStation VR this summer. But the story doesn’t end there; we’ll be continuing to update Pistol Whip on PSVR with more scenes, modifiers, customization options, and more to be announced over the months to follow.

We hope you’re looking forward to the game, and we hope to see you on the leaderboards this summer. Until then, you can follow us on social media @CloudheadGames, on Twitter @PistolWhipVR, or on Discord to chat with the team about all the latest.


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