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Pistol Whip Gets PC VR-level Visual Enhancements on the new Meta Quest 3

Action Heroes on Quest 3: this one’s for you! You can now play Pistol Whip on the new headset.

The team has also given Pistol Whip a few visual and performance enhancements that we’re excited to share, including:

  • Visually enhanced shadows and bloom effects

  • Increased detail on our 3D models

  • Resolution upgrades (up to 4128x2208)

  • Support for up to 90FPS

  • And more!

This means that you can play Pistol Whip with crisper and more dynamic visuals, mimicking those on PC VR, but on a wireless headset.

The best part is, if you already own Pistol Whip on Quest 2, you can download it on Quest 3 under the same Meta account. You’ll also retain your leaderboard and Contracts Career scores!

Have other questions about the enhanced Quest 3 version? Visit our official help desk for more information, including a detailed FAQ.

ICYMI: The first Scene in the Elixir of Madness!

Pistol Whip’s thirteenth content Collection is here, with the first of three electro-fying new Scenes available now in Arcade. This Collection is available on Quest 2, Quest 3, PCVR, PS VR2 and Pico.

Have you taken a sip of the Elixir yet?

For more Pistol Whip news and reveals, follow us on social media (@pistolwhipvr) or join the community on Discord (


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