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News for Pistol Whip Players on Meta (Oculus) Quest 1

Hi Heroes,

Cloudhead Games here. We’re writing to you today to announce that we are officially sunsetting support for Pistol Whip on the Meta (Oculus) Quest 1 headset.

With Meta’s announcement about its changes on Quest 1, new versions of Android on the horizon, hardware updates, and the recent release of Meta’s new SDK (v51), these tools continue to evolve with new features and improvements. Being a small independent team means it’s important for us to balance support of earlier generations of hardware with implementing the exciting features of current and next generations. For Cloudhead, closing the book on Meta Quest 1 will pave the way for future innovations for Pistol Whip, and beyond.

Over the years, we’ve made some great additions to Pistol Whip. We’ve released over 30 Scenes in Arcade, introduced two cinematic campaigns, added Contracts and a Party Mode, established the Styles System, and brought Pistol Whip to new headsets like Pico and PlayStation VR2. In our most recent update – the Remixed Update – we added 7 new languages in the game, and introduced modding support and the creation of community crafted Remixes on select headsets.

To our Quest 1 players who already own the game: you will be able to continue playing Pistol Whip on your device! Content updates up to and including our current Overdrive Season will remain available to you. Once the Overdrive Season concludes in September, no more updates will be pushed to the game on Quest 1. Please note that while live services such as leaderboards and Contracts will remain available, future required updates to software may impact their functionality.

For an FAQ regarding our sunsetting of support for Quest 1, please check out the Pistol Whip Help Desk here:

If you have any other questions about this announcement, or would like to get more information, you can reach out to us anytime on social media (@PistolWhipVR), or on our Discord ( You can also submit a ticket via our Help Desk here:

Thank you for your continued love and support, Cloudhead Games


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