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New Scene “Shred” Marks The Start Of Pistol Whip’s Overdrive Season

Pistol Whip is kicking things into Overdrive, starting NOW.

The Overdrive Season— a collection of brand new Scenes —begins with ‘Shred’, the first of five fresh tracks rolling out between now and September. Available in Arcade mode on the first of each month, each Overdrive Scene contains elements never seen before, challenging even our most seasoned veterans to test their limits!

‘Shred’ spearheads the season, launching our heroes into a sky-high adventure to duck and dodge attacks from all directions. This Scene features intense visuals and a backing track that builds up the player’s energy as perfectly as it builds up the beat.

Our flagship Physical Action-Rhythm shooter has seen increasing popularity among VR users, which is largely attributed to our rockstar Pistol Whip team for attentively listening to the community, plus regularly creating hotfixes, additional features, and new content. With one Scene a month, heroes will have just enough time to learn the latest Scene and set their high scores before the next one comes out.

The start of the Overdrive Season also coincides with the ongoing Open Beta for Pistol Whip’s official mod tool, Pistol Mix!

PCVR users can still join the fun and try their hand at making a custom level before the tool’s full release – coming soon. After the final version is out, Quest 2 users will be able to play remixed or bespoke Scenes by selecting the Pistol Mix tab directly in-headset. Join the conversation and get advice from our VIP modders on Discord: pistolwhip.GG

Hint: Finish the Monthly Contract for a sneak peek at the next Overdrive Scene.

Players on Quest 2, PCVR, PS VR2, and Pico 4 can blast into the colourful world of bullets and blimps in ‘Shred’ right now, in Arcade mode. Tag us in your videos on Twitter or Instagram @pistolwhipvr!


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