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Four New Weapons to Celebrate Four Years of Pistol Whip!

In November of 2019, we unleashed Pistol Whip on the world of VR games, and we haven’t taken our eye off the target since. The last four years have seen thirteen content drops, including cinematic campaigns, dozens of new Scenes and weapons, an official Scene-modding tool, and even a spooky little dip into electroswing.

This year, we’re marking our anniversary by dropping a surprise update, and gifting players with a little something extra for the occasion!

Introducing: the Drum Gun!

More instrument than gun, the Drum Gun is an all-new weapon type for even the most seasoned Heroes (and drummers) out there.

Drive the beat of your favourite Pistol Whip Scenes and craft your own music with this rhythm-infused weapon, where each shot, hit, or reload will make a different sound. Moving your hand to different locations changes the sound of your shots!

  • Four bullets on reload? Check.

  • Cymbal sound effects on reload or when whipping an enemy? Check.

  • A badass gun so you can feel like you're part of the band? Double (bass) check.

The Sonar SQ2 Drum Gun is available now in the gun case. It’s time to march to the beat of your own Drum (Gun.)

Behold: Three Other Shiny New Weapons

We heard your feedback about how much you loved Overdrive’s Majesty Scene, with the ability to dual-wield crossbows. So, how about playing with a few other weapons inspired by the Scene?

We've added another three new weapons to the game, each expertly crafted by our, we mean devs. Find them in the gun case under their specific weapon types:

  • Metal Gauntlet (Brawler)

  • Dragon Sword (Brawler)

  • Witch Pistol (Revolver)

Thank you to all of our Action Heroes for your continued love and support. Enjoy the new weapons update on all supported platforms, including Quest 2, 3, Pico, PlayStation VR2, and Steam!


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