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Challenges are HERE!

Hey there action heroes, did you hear the news? Today, at Facebook Connect, Oculus introduced a sweet new feature that we are incredibly excited to share: Challenges! With Challenges, you can compete in our featured Challenges from Pistol Whip, available weekly, for top scores and bragging rights, or create your own custom challenges to share with your friends and communities in whatever way you see fit! Are you the best in the world, or the best in your household? Find out now with Challenges!

You can find the weekly featured Pistol Whip Challenge in the game lobby right after the Training card. Each will run from Wednesday to Wednesday at 11:59 pm PST, and the top ten results are posted in our Discord each week, so your feats can live on in virtual glory.

You can also create your own challenges to share with your friends and communities so you can all play and compete together, whether or not you’re in headset at the same time! Simply decide how long you want your challenge to run for, select the scene and difficulty, and share! You can create daily fitness challenges, challenges that run for a week, challenge your friends to a single scene, or even plan weekend-long tournaments! All this and more is possible with the new Challenge feature from Oculus.

We hope you are as excited as we are about Challenges and can’t wait to see you on the leaderboards. Be sure to tell us about how you’re using Challenges in your communities either on our Twitter (@pistolwhipvr) or on  Discord, where you can chat with the team and stay up-to-the-minute on all the latest.


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