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Survive Dirigible Danger in Free “Dark Skies” Update

Gear up for our newest content update packed with antique action in the 194X alternate history scene “Dark Skies”. Set in a dieselpunk dirigible, Dark Skies draws action inspiration from the classic airship scene in Ninja Gaiden, as well pulp comic lineage from Rocketeer to The First Avenger. The Dark Skies Update also includes 3 new wartime pistols as part of the “Antiques Collection” and a new metal finish for all weapons.

Dark Skies is our first update to include polish and quality of life changes, with a focus on improved usability of UI and menus. We have a big overhaul planned for later this year, and these changes are just the beginning.

Dark Skies is the penultimate entry to our monthly Pistol Whip updates as we begin to move toward our long-term roadmap. We have a big vision for Pistol Whip including new scenes, new modifiers, and new ways to play, always empowering your unique styles.

We hope you enjoy the Dark Skies scene and pistol collection in this highly thematic update. Let us know what you think on our discord or on twitter @PistolWhipVR!


Cloudhead Games


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