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We Wear Many Hats...


We enjoy beards too!


When Cloudhead Games Ltd was formed in 2013, it was in anticipation of an entire industry that didn't yet exist. We saw an inspired basement VR enthusiast cobble together the future out of random parts and to those with the right eyes, this marked the moment everything was about to change. Back then, explaining our ambitions to our peers, to investors, was a bit like trying to sell people on the internet before it left the pages of science fiction.


A short year later we've grown, we've learned and we're more excited than ever to push forward in this new medium. We are a small crew with experience ranging from AAA blockbusters, to boardgames, to flash games but gaming is in the blood of each and every one of us. We wear many hats to make this dream work and we do it because we care about the experiences we are creating. We want to plant our flag in the fresh VR soil and hopefully that experience will be worth sharing.


Thank you for sharing the ride!




- The Gallery Team

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